The italian singer-songwriter Laura Pausini had been engaged to Paolo Carta since 2008 but maybe there are some ice in the relationship right now. To be honest the majority of the Italien men and woman – maybe even all men and women – will be quite pleased, because both Laura and Paolo are very highly valued in the single market.

Laura Pausini going for younger meat

There have been rumours that Laura Pausini has been seeing Justin Bieber when he was touring Italy last year, but it has not been confirmed. But the new tour plan with more stops in US than ever before, the rumours are starting to ignite. She is even visiting Canada a couple of times, so maybe she is in for a visit to the new parents in law.

Here you can see, what Justin Bieber sees – Inspite of the age difference :-)



All while Laura Pausini is doing the dirty with young boy Justin. Lauras fiancé Paolo is being seen with Italian super model Bianca Balti. They have been spotted in a café in Rome. They clame they are just friends, but with Laura Pausini raid with Justin Bieber, the future wedding seems far away.

Breaking up on Valentines

Laura Pausinis songs have been heavily used on Valentines day by many couples, but now there is a chance that her own romance can’t be saved by her own music. It will be terrible if Laura Pausini and Paolo Carta will part ways on the day, where they were to celebrate their love. But again, every break up leaves new possibilities. Maybe we will se new couples in a few days. We hope so :-) At least we can say, that there were trouble in paradise before.

Laura Possini


Until we figure out what is going on with Laura Pausini and Paolo Carta, we can give you a nice little Wallpaper, so you can enjoy the Italian beauty on your computer. here you go: – If you need more pictures, just give us a call.

Laura Pausini